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Cuddle Pouches & Cuddle Cups & Cuddle Pods

Give your best friend three options for the price of one!

Dog Bed
Does your little prince or princess like to have their own special place? A soft hideaway where they can curl up and get some beauty rest? Just roll down the sides of the cuddle pouch and give them a traditional-style dog bed.

Sleeping Bag
Maybe your pal prefers to burrow. They'll stay warm and cozy when you lie the cuddle pouch on its side to make a doggy-sized sleeping bag. It's perfect for slumber parties and movie nights.

Dog Blanket
Does your pup like to join you on the furniture? Just open up the cuddle cup and you'll have a luxury blanket to throw over the couch, so your best friend can stay right by your side. Your pet will enjoy the softness and comfort - while you'll enjoy having a stylish way to keep hair off the couch.

With several designs and colors - including the popular Susan Lanci line of cuddle cups - you're sure to find something you and your dog will both love. You can also rest assured that you're getting good quality, with products that are durable, easy to clean, and manufactured in the USA.