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The Official Snoring Beagle Dog Bed Encyclopedia

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Bagel Dog Bed

Softer than a freshly baked New York bagel, on our beds your canine will be happily sleeping all night. Soft to the touch and large in size for guaranteed comfort, these beds are sure to elevate your pet's napping experience.

Check out our selection of Bagel Dog Beds.

Bagel Beds for Dogs

Bolster Dog Bed

The bolster adds a sense of privacy and security. They are much-loved by large and XL breed dogs who tend to sleep with their head on an armrest or pillow; but small and medium dogs enjoy them, too.

Treat your best friend to their very own special, cozy place. Bolster-padded beds are warm and comfortable... perfect for snuggling up at night, or just lounging around on a lazy day.

Check out our selection of Bolster Dog Beds.

Bolster Beds for Dogs

Burrow Dog Bed

Perfect for dogs who love to burrow, play and to curl up for a nap in perfect comfort. The excess of soft cuddle material is made for your pet to burrow into a lush plush interior that will satisfy their sleeping needs.

Check out our selection of Burrow Dog Beds.

Burrow Beds for Dogs

Convertible Dog Bed

This unique design makes it two beds in one and with the reversible feature your furry best friend can enjoy the best of both worlds. Ideal for small dogs. Features a drawstring that enables you to curl up and convert the bed to different levels of cuddliness.

Check out our selection of Convertible Dog Beds.

Convertible Beds for Dogs

Cozy Cave Dog Bed

This luxury nesting dog bed features a Microsuede exterior and is great for dogs or pets who enjoy staying under the covers. Some dog breeds, such as dachshunds and terriers, prefer the extra feeling of security by wrapping themselves up in bed, making Cozy Cave Dog Beds the perfect choice.

Check out our selection of Cozy Cave Dog Beds.

Cozy Cave Beds for Dogs

Cuddle Pouches & Cuddle Cups

Cuddle Pouches & Cuddle Cups are three products in one; the sides can roll over to form a bed; it can lie on its side to form a sleeping bag for those that like to "tunnel" and it can be pulled open to form a blanket for those that want to "nest".

Check out our selection of Cuddle Pouches.

Cuddle Pouches & Cuddle Cups for Dogs

Cuddler Dog Bed

A bed for messy play! With it's low profile & front cutout, this bed is the perfect hybrid for older dogs as it allows for easy access and offers the most comfortable place to lay their head.

Check out our selection of Cuddler Dog Beds.

Cuddler Dog Beds for Dogs

Dog Car Seat

Your best friend likes to go everywhere you go: and that includes your car or golf cart. And while car rides can be fun... sometimes it's difficult for our four-legged friends to keep their balance in a moving car. A pet car seat, provides a safe and restrained location for your pet to ride, all the while elevating them for an easier view out the window.

Check out our selection of Dog Car Seats.

Car Seats for Dogs

Donut Dog Bed

The oval ring creates the feeling of security pets love. The circular tufting creates an elegant upholstered look while ensuring fibre does not clump or shift when washing. Stylish, functional and quality driven, these deep, circular beds are recommended for dogs who like to burrow or curl.

Check out our selection of Donut Dog Beds.

Donut Beds for Dogs

Faux Dog Bed

Thick, soft padding wrapped in super-plush luxe faux fur or leather creates a wealthy sumptuous cushion, where your best friend wants to stay on as much as possible. The inner cushion is an extra coversheet, to protect the cushion from the effects of perspiration, moisture and mites.

Check out our selection of Faux Dog Beds.

Faux Beds for Dogs

Dog House Bed

The dog house pet bed provides the ultimate comfort for your four legged friends! Whether your dog wants to privately take a nap, or lounge around with the family, this bed has both options.

Check out our selection of Dog House Beds.

House Beds for Dogs

Hemp Dog Bed

Hemp is naturally odor and rot resistant, and extremely durable.

Check out our selection of Hemp Dog Beds.

Hemp Beds for Dogs

Hypoallergenic Dog Bed

Hypoallergenic beds are the best option for dogs who have sensitive skin or allergies... and they help to keep your home free of nasty dust mites and odors, too.

Check out our selection of Hypoallergenic Dog Beds.

Hypoallergenic Beds for Dogs

Lounger Dog Bed

Lounge beds are guaranteed to provide snooze-worthy comfort. These beds are a favorite for dogs who like to curl, lean or stretch when resting. Bolstered sides and center pillow unzips and cover removes for easy maintenance.

Check out our selection of Lounger Dog Beds.

Lounger Beds for Dogs

Luxury Dog Bed

Luxury Dog Beds are a one of a kind cozy design to give your pet a special place to stay warm. Perfect for pets that enjoy staying under the covers, and of course, are spoiled.

Check out our selection of Luxury Dog Beds.

Luxury Beds for Dogs

Dog Mat

Pampered pooches will love our range of dog mats for crates and beds, and their humans will love how well the beds clean in the washing machine. These dog beds and mats will be a hit with pet owners who value practicality and style in equal measure.

Check out our selection of Dog Mats.

Mats for Dogs

Memory Foam Dog Bed

Memory foam is also perfect for dogs with arthritis, providing support and relief for sore joints. And if your pal could benefit from extra support, they might also like one of our Orthopedic Dog Beds.

Check out our selection of Memory Foam Dog Beds.

Memory Foam Beds for Dogs

Microfiber Dog Bed

Sleeping on a soft cloud is possible with this microfiber pet bed! Very soft and smooth, the microfiber material will help small dogs relax and sleep more comfortably all through the night. The velvet microfiber bolsters wrap your pet in luxury and warmth for the ultimate in comfort.

Check out our selection of Microfiber Dog Beds.

Microfiber Beds for Dogs

Microsuede Dog Bed

Constructed using durable micro suede fabric. Beds are filled using our signature eco-friendly fiber. Center pad is tufted and provides extra support and comfort for your canine companion.

Check out our selection of Microsuede Dog Beds.

Microsuede Beds for Dogs

Napper Dog Bed

Napper beds are the perfect fit for a King or Queen. Incredibly comfortable, these beds are design provides hours of deep sleep. Overstuffed and excellent for senior dogs needing extra joint support or any dog requiring superior comfort.

Check out our selection of Napper Dog Beds.

Napper Beds for Dogs

Nest Style Dog Bed

Designed for dogs who love to curl or stretch out and rest their head on our overstuffed bolsters! A super plush choice for the pampered pooch. This bed is ultra soft to the touch. The deep inner pillow provides a safe, cozy place for dogs who like to nest and curl up.

Check out our selection of Nest Style Dog Beds.

Nest Style Beds for Dogs

Nester Dog Bed

Every pet needs a place to relax and unwind after a long day of play and walks outside. This pet lounger provides a sumptuous space for small dogs to sleep in.

Check out our selection of Nester Dog Beds.

Nester Beds for Dogs

Orthopedic Dog Bed

Made from high-quality, medical grade foam, our orthopedic beds are the best option for older dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle stiffness, or injuries. And younger dogs enjoy them, too! They're a great place to sleep or lounge in comfort, and enjoy some sweet dreams about chasing after squirrels.

Check out our selection of Orthopedic Dog Beds.

Orthopedic Beds for Dogs

Outdoor Dog Bed

As far as your dog or pet is concerned, the only thing better than being outside is sleeping outside. Waterproof dog beds are made with a strong, durable, nylon material that is completely weather-proof. Water-resistant dog beds are made with a poly/cotton cover treated to be water resistant.

Check out our selection of Outdoor Dog Beds.

Outdoor Beds for Dogs

Overstuffed Dog Bed

Designed with one thing in mind-to give maximum comfort for years to come. Overstuffed and channeled to prevent flattening or condensing.

Check out our selection of Overstuffed Dog Beds.

Overstuffed Beds for Dogs

Dog Pet Pad

Perfect for on the couch or anywhere in the home. They are light weight making it a fabulous travel mat just grab and go so your dog or cat will always have a nice comfortable bed if needed. The Pet Pad is sized to fit standard crate dimensions.

Check out our selection of Dog Pet Pads.

Pet Pads for Dogs

Pillow Dog Bed

Designed to add extra comfort and warmth so your dog is sure to sleep straight through the night. Pillow Dog Beds are available in a variety of fabrics and sizes, these beds are perfect for any size pet.

Check out our selection of Pillow Dog Beds.

Pillow Beds for Dogs

Pillow Top Dog Bed

Soft, supportive consistency conforms to weight and pressure to relieve achy joints, arthritis and hip dysplasia. Providing your pet with a comfortable and supportive place to relax and sleep.

Check out our selection of Pillow Top Dog Beds.

Pillow Top Beds for Dogs

Dog Pouf Beds & Pouf Ottomans

The functional poufs are great for any room in your home that could use some additional seating. Excellent for kids, adults and pets alike. They are overstuffed to offer support when sitting and are easy to spot clean.

Check out our selection of Dog Pouf Beds.

Pouf Beds & Pouf Ottomans for Dogs

Quilted Dog Bed

Fit for pet royalty, quilted dog beds are simply stunning. The luxurious design features a warm, quilted fabric, raised sides for extra comfort.

Check out our selection of Quilted Dog Beds.

Quilted Beds for Dogs

Reversible Dog Bed

Reversible (can be used in two different sides)

Check out our selection of Reversible Dog Beds.

Reversible Beds for Dogs

Seat Protector

Protect your car back seat and furniture from dog hair, dirt, and scratches for years to come. Stays firmly in place thanks to industry-leading features.

Check out our selection of Seat Protectors.

Seat Protectors for Dogs

Sherpa Dog Bed

Sure to be a comfortable and durable place for your pet to call home. Keep your pet warm and cozy all year round.

Check out our selection of Sherpa Dog Beds.

Sherpa Beds for Dogs

Sleeper Dog Bed

For the older pet who needs a little more support and comfort. Medical grade orthopedic foam relieves pressure on joints.

Check out our selection of Sleeper Dog Beds.

Sleeper Beds for Dogs

Sofa Dog Bed

Get your furry friend a couch of their own. Contemporary and luxury pet sofas are a sure way to make your dog one happy pooch. Available in a wide variety of fabrics and fills, you'll have a four-legged couch potato in no time.

Check out our selection of Sofa Dog Beds.

Sofa Beds for Dogs

Velour Dog Bed

Constructed using our softest plush velour fabric, it's durable and easy to spot clean. Easy to care for, this fabric choice is what dogs would write home about if they only knew how. Perfect for heavy traffic use.

Check out our selection of Velour Dog Beds.

Velour Beds for Dogs

Waterproof Dog Bed

100% Waterproof encasement cover protectors against accidents, bodily fluids, dirt and hair. Naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites.

Check out our selection of Waterproof Dog Beds.

Waterproof Beds for Dogs