Year of the Dog


All dogs need their own place to sleep. Keely has decided that she will eat the shipping cost on every item in her shop. She and I started this whole thing because we love naps and sleeping so much, we want all dogs to have the same, many options as their humans do when it comes to sleep and comfort.

We sleep at least one third of each day. And while it may seem excessive to sleep for long periods of time, it is a natural part of the canine lifestyle. Dogs tend to spend 50% of the day snoozing, 30% awake but lying around, and 20% being active.

The perfect bed is an investment and an enhancement to the life quality of your dog

Free Shipping for the Year! of the Dog

A Dog's most defining characteristic is their loyalty. They will never abandon their friends, family or work.

Honest and just, they are popular in social circles. Everyone needs a Dog friend for advice and help. They are also good at helping others find and fix their bad habits.

Despite how they act, they are worried and anxious inside. However, they will not let this stop them. Once they decide on something, no one can persuade them against it.

Honest and loyal, Dogs are the truest friends and most reliable partner